Our History

Dennis’ love of cooking goes back many years. He was always experimenting with different flavors and recipes to the delight of his ever-hungry family and friends. It was when his wife Kathy planted a key lime tree that he quickly needed to create a use for so much key lime juice. His love of grilling and barbecuing led to the creation of Dennis’ Key Lime BBQ sauce.

He created the sauce for family and friends who anxiously waited to receive the sauce as gifts. He’s even heard stories of some people actually drinking the sauce. While we prefer ingesting it in a more conventional manner, we are certainly happy to hear people enjoy it that much. After hearing time and again that Dennis should sell the sauce, he and Kathy decided to create a company that could provide the sauce to many. In December 2009, Reva Foods, LLC was formed.


Kathy is the President of Reva Foods and is the brains behind the business and our sales & marketing efforts. She also coordinates our attendance at all of the markets, trade shows, and other venues.


Dennis leads Product Development and is the creative force behind our line of products. He can usually be found in the kitchen experimenting with new sauces and rubs, working to get that special flavor that people have come to enjoy.

Our Products

Our sauces are uniquely flavored and healthy. We’re very committed to keeping people and the environment healthy. The sauces are all natural, either low or reduced sodium with no fat, and no MSG. We ask that you take the time to recycle our jars after you’ve enjoyed the sauce. We're committed to taking care of our environment, which is why you see the “Please Recycle” logo right on the label.

Dennis’ Key Lime Barbecue Sauce is a unique blend of traditional sauce ingredients married with natural Florida flavors. The sauce is excellent on chicken, pork, fish, beef, and grilled veggies. It’s even wonderful on top of scrambled eggs! The fresh but subtle flavor is like a vacation in Key West. Dennis' Pineapple BBQ Sauce adds the sweetness of pineapple to your favorite meat, fish, or veggie. Dennis' Mango Habanero BBQ Sauce offers a unique combination of sweet mango and a spicy habanero finish. They're all truly "The Flavor of Paradise!”

We at REVA Foods, LLC take great pride in providing you with these delicious BBQ sauces and encourage you to use them at your next cookout to enhance the flavor of any grilled or smoked meat or seafood. If you don't have a grill or smoker, that's OK. Dennis' BBQ Sauces are great as a finishing sauce for any meat cooked in the oven, on top of the stove, or in the slow cooker.

Our sauces can currently be found at many venues and merchants in the Tampa Bay area. Check the Locations page for a comprehensive list of locations. They're also available for purchase on this website. If you can't find our sauces in your local store, please drop us a line telling us where you'd like to find them and we'll do our best to get them there. We have other flavors in the final phases of development and will have those available for your enjoyment very soon. Please visit this website frequently for updates on where you can buy our products.